Proven Quality's front page.
A responsive article view at tablet size.
One of two responsive slide-out menus, this share menu is opened via clicking on the the share icon in the fixed header, or by swiping left on mobile devices.
On team pages we used the football-data API to show a team's last match and next features, squad market value, and an automatically updated league table, along with listing out the team's squad. The squad player names link to individual player pages.
A player page shows critical data about the player imported via the football-data API, along with the archive of posts mentioning the player.
Here a written profile of the player over-rides the player data box.
We created a custom responsive picture gallery, which was rolled out as part of a special layout for the 2014 Brazil Wordl Cup.

Proven Quality

For the Proven Quality football blog, we created a premium responsive web design as a wordpress theme, with custom JavaScript functionality and backend API integration. We also managed SEO and site promotion.

Proven Quality is a site based around providing quality football writing, with an audience of educated football fans in mind. When designing the site we looked to emphasise that by creating a clean and elegant responsive interface that removed as much of the busy cruft often found on blogs and new sites as possible, and put the focus on the writing.

The site was built upon the Bones WordPress starter theme and uses the twitter, facebook and google+ APIs on the back end for social sharing and share counts, eliminating the added network requests and load time involved in displaying widgets from these social networks.

For users reading the site on mobile devices, the site downsizes the header and displays a fixed header made in jQuery with jQuery.mmenu and Hammer.js to give a native-like reading experience, with two menus available with a click or a swipe.

A number of backend additions help writers whilst composing their articles, and the site makes use of the football-data API to collect information about teams and players.

In addition to designing the site, we also manage the server infrastructure, using some cutting-edge technologies to provide users with an extremely fast loading site. The site is served over HTTPS with the SPDY protocol enabled, and makes extensive use of caching and CDN to keep load times to a minimum.

Technologies used

Platform: Wordpress, Bones for Wordpress. Javascript: jQuery, mmenu plugin, Hammer.js, modernizr, ouibounce, fitVids, Disqus, Feedburner. APIs: Google Fonts, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, football-data. Infrastructure: DigitalOcean cloud, SSL by default, nginx, distributed DNS, Edgecast CDN, W3 Total Cache.