Marbella Weather.
Marbella Weather night view.
A three day forecast.

Marbella Weather

Marbella Weather was built as a single page experiment using PHP, CSS and jQuery.

The site uses jQuery to track movement of the scroll wheel (or swipe on touch devices) to switch between a series of sliding panes showing the current weather and a three day forecast.

The site uses CSS animations to display weather conditions (for example animated clouds and stars), and the weather and forecast information is sourced from the Weather Underground API.

It even has provisions for forecasts of snow, sleet and freezing rain, although I’m yet to see those in Marbella!

Technologies used

Platform: PHP, Bootstrap. Scripting: jQuery, jQuery easing, Velocity, FitText.js, Grunt, LESS. APIs: Weather Underground. Infrastructure: DigitalOcean cloud, nginx, distributed DNS, EdgeCast CDN.