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Automatic DNS prefetch WordPress plugin released

External resources such as external scripts and stylesheets are almost unavoidable in modern WordPress design. Even if you are concatenating all of your local CSS and JavaScript files, it’s likely that you are at least loading some resources from external servers; for example Google Analytics, Google Fonts, perhaps jQuery, Disqus and social scripts. When a

Featured Image Sharpen Up WordPress plugin released

Today I am launching the first release of a new WordPress plugin called Featured Image Sharpen Up. Some of the biggest resources to download on a web page can be the included images. If you are using featured images in your WordPress site theme, then large images can delay rendering of the page while a user

mabujo redesign and the state of modern web development

Whilst working for other companies, on other projects and sites, and with limited time to spread across each project, it can be easy to neglect a particular project. That was certainly the case for me and this site. As mabujo’s company site and main presence on the web, it should serve to show what we

Redesigning a WordPress site from the ground up

I’ve written here a little before about my football blog, The site started on the 3rd of February 2013, and for the recently passed first ‘birthday’ of the site, I wanted to create an all new, custom design. When we started the site, we wanted to just get up and running as quickly as

Working with a local language school and other updates

It’s been a while since I wrote an update on what I have been working on, so I thought I’d make a little post recapping recent efforts. I’ve recently had the pleasure to work with a local language school to create their presence online. The site is Hola Lola – Cours d’espagnol à Tours, and

Starting a new blog…

Last week I started a new football site called Proven Quality. It’s not as easy as it used to be to get new sites moving nowadays, is it? As I acknowledged in my opening post, there a lot of football sites out there. But here’s the thing, most of them are (and trust me, I’ve

Responsive Hotaru theme released

Now that I’ve finally managed to set up most of my football sites the way I want them and with some of them getting quite popular I figured it was time to expand the network and make sites for some of the big teams that I left out previously. I’ve stated out making Man United

Taking a busman’s holiday

I’ve been getting into the whole google+ lark since it launched, so I took a little busman’s holiday from programming my twitter management application yesterday to whip together google+ developers. I’ve been working on tweepler for a few months now and it is always nice to have a change of context – a change is launched!

I have hinted  that I was building this site in a few previous posts where I was talking about my Hotaru CMS plugins and themes, and today I am very excited to announce the launch of my Premium Hotaru CMS Template store! It has taken a few weeks of hard work, planning, testing and late

Facebook Open Graph Hotaru Plugin v0.5 released

I’ve just finished coding a new version of the Facebook Open Graph plugin for Hotaru that brings it up to version 0.5. This version enables the plugin to work with Tie’s existing Post Images Hotaru CMS plugin. If you have the Post Images plugin installed, the Facebook Open Graph plugin now gives you the option